Amputees are somewhat weak enemies that appear in the original Painkiller. All they can really do to attack you is do a standing leap to hit you and if they are near the player they will puke which causes damage. They have a tendency to spawn in dark, cramped spaces, such as sewers and single rooms, where their low stature can unintentionally hide their presence. They appear in two variants, and they both act the same.


Asylum Amputee
Amputee encountered in Asylum.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 80
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful/Neutral
Featured in: Asylum, Field Ambulance, Forbidden Valley, Dead Warehouse
The first version appears in the Asylum, and they look like mental patients with their hands and feet chopped off, ending in bloody stumps. Some of the ones in the Asylum can, interestingly, hang on the ceiling. Pulling them off with the Painkiller WILL hurt you if their corpse hits you. These enemies, overall, are hardly a threat.
Town Amputee
Town Amputee in Town
Amputee encountered in Town.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 80
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful/Neutral
Featured in: Town, Forbidden Valley Dead Warehouse

The second version looks similar to the first, but instead of wearing a patient suit, they wear brown, ragged clothes and are marked with strange symbols. These appear in the Town, and the first batch you encounter are actually harmless. (The rest in the town WILL attack, however.)

They appear in the Asylum and the Town in Painkiller as well as in Field Ambulance in Painkiller: Overdose and in Dead Warehouse in Painkiller: Recurring Evil.

Amputees make a return in Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, starting in the industrial section of the Opera House level and appearing out of furnaces. They are largely unchanged from their earlier appearances, but have a notable visual difference with cuts and markings in elaborate patterns across their faces and chests.

Dead City AmputeesEdit

Dead City Amputee
Dead City Amputee in Dead City
Amputee encountered in Dead City.
Type Undead
Class Melee
Health 100
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Dead City
In Dead City there's a new variant of Amputee called Amput Zombie. They appear only in one place, on the fire escape after first checkpoint. They will puke at the player from the windows when he/she is on the fire escape. They look very similar to Zombies encountered in Dead City.


These sounds can only be found in the First Look Build dating back in 2003.
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