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Atrium Complex
Level 2
Chapter 1
Monster count 188
Total gold 672
Armor count 2
Holy item count 1
Ammo count 24
Object count 114
Secrets 4
Tarot card Haste

Atrium Complex is the second level of Painkiller chapter 1.

Description Edit

A small map with several tight rooms and two big ones, which are seen at the end of this level. Two outdoor yards are also present. It resembles Ancient Roman style building complex, which is evident from many columns and arches. There is also large number of explosive barrels that player can use to kill masses of enemies, as most of them charge at player in tight clusters. Some rooms, especially on the second floor are locked and won't open until level is completed, These rooms feature several chests that must be broken in order to get the card of this level. Two final rooms are largest of all and contain many breakable objects, mostly barrels. The last chamber has a huge angel statue below skylight. After last monster is killed, it collapses and reveals level ending pentagram.

Monsters Edit

This level is mostly inhabited by monks and nuns. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Haste. To acquire it, player has to destroy absolutely all breakable objects in the level.

Secret areas/pickups Edit

Two armors can be found in this level, one in a small room before first outdoor yard, other on the ledge above door in the second outdoor yard. Health pickup appears in front of the statue in the first large room, right after second outdoor yard. Stakegun is in a large chest, located upstairs in a room before first checkpoint.

Secrets and holy items Edit

  1. First secret area is the same room in which large chest with Stakegun is found. It is upstairs in a room to the right of first checkpoint.
  2. Holy item and some chests below stairs in second outdoor yard (checkpoint 3).
  3. Room on the second floor of second courtyard. Contains 2 chests. Door opens only after completing level.
  4. Second floor of the first courtyard, which is accessed through another door of previous courtyard's second floor. It has a room with 8 chests and other with 3 chests.

Strategy Edit

Some areas are pretty tight and packed with enemies, which makes it hard to navigate around freely while avoiding damage and attack from the rear. A lot of explosive barrels present more threat, but player can use them to kill large groups of enemies. Second courtyard has a good spot where player can safely kill all attackers while avoiding damage - it is a ledge above door to the statue room (it can be seen through window while standing on this ledge) with armor pickup on it. In the last two areas new enemy appears, that has ability to slow down player and allow masses of monsters to catch and easily hack him/her to death. Players should dispose of these as quickly as possible, as it makes things much more easier.

Trivia Edit

  • In architecture, an atrium is a large open space located within a building. They were popular with Ancient Roman buildings, which is why this level is likely to be modeled after Roman villa. Two of such spaces are in this level, hence the name Atrium Complex.

Soundtrack Edit

Atrium Complex Music 01:
C1L2 Atrium Complex Music 01
Atrium Complex Music 02:
C1L2 Atrium Complex Music 02
Atrium Complex Fight:
C1L2 Atrium Complex C3L3 Military Base Fight

Environment SoundsEdit

Monk 1:
Mnich 01
Monk 2:
Mnich 02
Monk 3:
Mnich 03
Painkiller Chapter 1
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