Type Human
Class Melee
Health 111
Damage 0/0/0/0
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Cemetery, Old Monastery, Haunted Valley
Banshees are female monsters that are among the weakest enemies in the game. Their one and only attack is a blinding swipe that doesn't damage you. It simply distorts your vision and blinds you momentarily. When paired with stronger enemies such as Devil Monks or Evil Monks in the Old Monastery or the Black Demon in the Cemetery, these get significantly more dangerous as they can easily blind you and have you running blind so you can easily leap into the Black Demon and get punched, or get in close to an Evil Monk and get torched or run straight into the bomb. Overall, these enemies are simply support enemies and cannot defend themselves on their own.

They appear in the Cemetery and Old Monastery. In the Old Monastery, their attack is significantly more powerful, and has a more devastating effect. Still doesn't damage, though.

Large Banshee
Banshee in Haunted Valley
Large Banshee in Haunted Valley.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 500
Damage 0/0/0/0
Movement Never Move
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Cemetery(Cut), Haunted Valley

They also appear in Haunted Valley in Painkiller: Overdose. What's more interesting is that in this level, three Banshees are much bigger than usual and have much more Health Points. But they still don't do any damage to player.

Painkiller Hell & DamnationEdit

Banshees return in the H&D sequel and their abilites are the same. However, in the Train Station they have recieved a new attack, namely they can ram the player with the trash bins they carry.

Also, Banshees, apart from original one, recieved two new outfits for special themed levels. The first one is a witch outfit which consist of purple costume with golden stars and witch hat - Banshee with this outfit appears in Cemetery Halloween Edition. After death they release bats instead of ravens. The second one is an angel outfit, which consist of white costume with angelic wings and aureole - Banshee with this outfit appears in Train Station Xmas Edition.


  • When killed, they explode into Ravens after a bit. If timed, you can get some sick air height, using the crows and Painkiller-Jumping techniques.
  • These enemies, bizarrely, cannot be gibbed.
  • She has run animation but does not use it.


Banshee's idle1/attackscream1:
Banshee attackscream1
Banshee's idle2/attackscream2:
Banshee attackscream2
Banshee's idle3/attackscream3:
Banshee attackscream3
Banshee's scream:
Banshee scream 03