Beast in Castle

Beast in Castle.

Beasts are dangerous enemies that appear in Castle, Babel and later in Riot, Animal Farm and Ragnarok.

They resemble pitbull dogs that wear gray armor. Their claws and fangs are much bigger and sharper that usual. They usually appear in small packs and they have two attacks: the first one is biting and clawing, whereas the second one is much more dangerous. When they are far away from the player they will roll into fireball and rush toward the player dealing quite serious damage. Moreover this movement cannot be frozen by Shotgun's alternative fire - but when they want to perform this attack they always howl. Later in Babel, they can be seen carrying explosive barrels and they act like suicider bombers just like Explosive Vamps from Catacombs - and they can kill the player fairly quickly.

In Animal Farm they appear with different coloration. They have reddish skin and their armors are coppery. They have the same attacks as their normal version with an exception that they don't perform fireball attacks.

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