Vital statistics
Title Master of Portals/Master of Hate
Gender Male
Race Demon/Angel
Faction None
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location Unknown (Possibly Underworld)

Belial is a half-demon and half-angel that appears in Painkiller: Overdose and Painkiller: Redemption. When a Dark Mistress and a warrior of Heaven produced a child, Belial was born. Since his parents were a Demon and an Angel, he was a mix. Just as ingame, he was unwanted and despised by all. Lucifer captured him and inprisoned him, because he thought he was of use. When Belial escapes in the first level of Painkiller Overdose, he continues to kill Cerberus through the events of the game. After the events, Belial met Daniel. Thus begins the events of Painkiller Redemption.


It is obvious that millenia of tortures and suffering (also, as Belial claims, from his own mother) have influenced Belial greatly, as he is very hateful and sadistic, finding joy in killing enemy hordes and taking revenge on both Cerberus and Sammael. He seems, however, to have a brighter side, as he is willing to help the one who set him free in the first place - Daniel Garner, despite the possible dangers and trouble.

Belial frequently makes references to pop culture and history, despite not being able to experience it, as he spent about 20 000 years in imprisonment, however it might be possible because of the fact that he is refered to as a "Friend of Time", supposedly meaning he can travel through time.


Belial is the protagonist of a 2007 standalone expansion Overdose and the secondary protagonist in 2011(?) expansion Redemption alongside Daniel. He also has a cameo at the end of 2012 remake Hell and Damnation.

Quotes Edit

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When Belial sees the Burned One for the first time†:

"Look, walking toast!" / Belial_ingame_39.ogg
Belial ingame 39

When Belial sees the Cyclop for the first time†:

"Well, hello... you're a big one... *disgusted exhale* and stinky too!" / Belial_ingame_40.ogg
Belial ingame 40

Unknown condition†††:

"You bad bad boys, stop throwing those nasty things at aunty, or aunty will have to (demonic voice) RIP YOUR NAUGHTY ARMS OFF!" / Belial_ingame_54.ogg
Belial ingame 54

Unknown condition†††:

"Ah, I almost pissed my pants!" / Belial_ingame_61.ogg
Belial ingame 61

Unknown condition†††:

"Ah, I just took a demon dump!" / Belial_ingame_62.ogg
Belial ingame 62

When Belial sees the Overseer in the Riot level††:

"Not another one!" / Belial_ingame_70.ogg
Belial ingame 70

Unknown Condition†††:

"Glory, glory hallelujah! Glory, glory hallelujah *Demonic laugh*!" / Belial_ingame_83.ogg
Belial ingame 83

Unknown condition†††:

"Ah, babes and engines, yeah... turn it on baby!" / Belial_ingame_110.ogg
Belial ingame 110

Unknown condition†††:

"And I practiced for that?" / Belial_ingame_151.ogg
Belial ingame 151

When Belial is on a rampage:

"What a mess!" / Belial_ingame_154.ogg
Belial ingame 154

Videos Edit

A video including most, if not all, Belial monologue from Painkiller Overdose:
Painkiller Overdose - Belial's One Liners

Painkiller Overdose - Belial's One Liners