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Vital statistics
Title Master of Portals/Master of Hate
Gender Male
Race Demon/Angel
Faction None
Health N/A
Level N/A
Status Alive
Location Unknown (Possibly Underworld)

Belial is a Demon/Angel that appears in Painkiller Overdose and Painkiller Redemption. When a Dark Mistress and a warrior of Heaven produced a child , Belial was born. Since his parents were a Demon and an Angel , he was a mix. Just as ingame , he was unwanted and despised by all. Lucifer captured him and inprisoned him. Because he thought he was of use. When Belial escapes in the first level of Painkiller Overdose , he continues to kill Cerberus through the events of the game. After the events , Belial met Daniel. Thus begins the events of Painkiller Redemption.

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