"Ah, babes and engines, yeah... turn it on baby!"
—Belial, unknown condition


Chopper Woman
Chopper Woman in Air Combat
Chopper Woman in Air Combat.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 150
Damage 1/6/12/18(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Air Combat

Chopper Women are very dangerous female enemies that appear in the second part of Air Combat.

These enemies can kill the player fairly quickly and they are capable of utilizing speed to quickly close the distance between themselves and the player. They have two different attacks. The first is a fast charge, which can push the player back, doing damage all the while. The second is a slightly more avoidable jump attack that still does a significant amount of damage.

Combined with the Skeleton Soldiers they fight alongside, they can quickly kill the unprepared. Make sure these are your first priority in combat.


Belial flirting with the Chopper Woman:
"Ah, babes and engines, yeah... turn it on baby!" / Belial_ingame_110.ogg
Belial ingame 110


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