Clown in Loony Park
Clown in Loony Park.
Type Human
Class Melee, Ranged
Health 90
Damage 1/5/10/15(Kick)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Loony Park (booh and Overdose), Animal Farm
"Is that nose real?"
—Belial after killing 6 monsters in the front of the Last Food restaurant in Animal Farm (Non-Functional)


Clowns are not very dangerous enemies that appear in Loony Park. They wear white clown outfit, big squeaky shoes and have visible evil make-up on their faces. They usually throw at the player small missiles which break up into pieces and explode. They might also kick the player if he/she is close enough.

They also appear in Animal Farm and in Loony Park in Painkiller: Overdose.