"Ahh, the better just see you with my dear."
—Belial when he picks up Crossbow.

Crossbow is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. By the usage, this weapon resembles Bolt Gun from original version. However, this time it shoot three arrows, which has pretty huge power of destruction and range and thanks to it this weapon is perfect as a sniper rifle. It has long range spyglass to get better aim and small bombs. It can be found in Japanese Massacre.

  • 1 CROSSBOW mode - it shoots three arrows of red arrowheads, which fly in straight line. It has a spyglass which can be used to get better aim as this mode is perfect for eliminating particular enemies for a safe distance.
  • 2 HEADS mode - the same principle as Bolt Gun's heater bombs, but in this time the ammo for this mode are six, dried heads that bounce at the walls and explode.


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