Dark Ninjas are semi-dangerous enemies that appear in second chapter. They have rather dangerous benefits to their attacks. There are two varieties of them:


Dark Ninja in Opera House

Dark Ninja in Opera House.

They appear in the Opera House. They wear blue ninja outfits and carry wooden pipes from which they shoot small darts at the player. Later in the level they can teleport in a split second to the player and inflicting much damage and pushing the player back.

They also appear in Japanese Massacre in Painkiller: Overdose.


Dark Ninja in Snowy Bridge

Dark Ninja in Snowy Bridge.

They appear in the Snowy Bridge. They just like normal version, they wear blue ninja outfits but they are covered in hoarfrost. As for the weapons they carry katanas. They can also throw at the player small shurikens. Later in the level they can perform high jumps and barrel rolls at the player.

They also appear in Japanese Massacre in Painkiller: Overdose with exception that they are not covered in hoarfrost.

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