"Great. A gun filled with that green crap. Argh! Burns like my mother's kiss! Nice!"
—Belial when he picks up Ectoplasmer.

Ectoplasmer (or Nuclear Gun) is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. This weapon is a toxins launcher, which spits missiles saturated with green and radioactive goo that fly in parabolic trajectory (very similar to stakes from Stake Gun). These missiles have a great strenght, but we should work on the accuracy. At close distances, it is able to spit a cloud of toxic and green fumes, which slows down our enemies that run towards us. It can be found in Nuclear Plant.

  • 1 GREEN GOO mode - one of these missiles have huge strength for weak and average monsters and those stronger will recieve a lot of damage. What's more interesting is that the missile will draw along a small cloud of toxins and when somebody steps into it, will burn and recieve damage. The missile flies in curvature, which means the farer it flies, the lower it's flight path becomes.
  • 2 ECTOPLASMER mode - it spits for a close distance a green gas, which hurts and slows down anything in the path.


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