"Excellent. Demon eggs. Perfect for those pesky little demons you just can't get rid off."
—Belial when he picks up EggBomb.

EggBomb is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. In Painkiller series, this weapon is first type of weapon only with primary firing mode. It is a grenade and we make it explode by using the detonator. The grenade sticks onto any surface and even the enemies and it can be used to set traps for larger swarms of monsters. It has incredible power of destruction. From appearance it looks like an ordinary egg or spore of some being to which the detonator is attached. Through the rupture we can see a small being which tussle inside the egg. It can be found in Dead Marsh.

  • 1 HELL BOMB mode - we throw the grenade, which sticks onto anything it meets. Then in the left corner (the left hand), the detonator appears, thanks to it after clicking the mouse again we can detonate the egg. If player listen to them closely, they can hear squeaks of this being.
  • 2 DETONATOR mode - we can press the trigger at any moment and blow up the explosive charge by using the detonator in left hand.


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