Electrician in Studios
Electrician in Studios.
Type Undead
Class Ranged/Melee
Health 120
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
1/5/10/15(Electric Shock)
1/7,5/15/22,5(Light Beam)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Studios, Haunted City, Hangar, High Seas
Electricians are very dangerous enemies that appear in Studios.

They wear blue electrician uniforms, yellow helmets and carry headlights with them as weapons. They also don't have eyes (probably because of the electricity) and their mouths and hands are constantly sparking electricity. They have three attacks.

Their ranged attack is a beam of light that they project in a straight line. While dangerous, it takes a couple of seconds to charge, and can be easily avoided.

The other two are both melee attacks. The first is a swipe with the headlight they carry. This does a decent amount of damage. The second one is a charged electricity attack, which they will release if the player gets too close. As long as they are in this mode, provided the player is close enough, they will damage and slow down the player, drastically reducing the player's health as a result.