Elyahim greeting Bill

Elyahim greeting Bill.

Elyahim is an angelic female figure that appears in Painkiller: Ressurection. She appears in front of Bill at the end of Hangar and warns him that Ramiel is a betrayer of Heaven and cannot be trusted. She then gives him a gift from Golden Throne and dissapears.

She reappears in bonus ending after the player has collected all Tarot Cards. When Bill is listening to Ramiel lies about returning to Earth, she appears and tells him that he serves a prince of lies. She then gives him the sword which has been forged by the seraphim. After Bill kills the renegate Angel, Elyahim tells him that his soul has been redeemed and the Golden Throne and all Elyahim give him a decission to either be the lord of Purgatory or return to Earth.


  • Elyahims are the kin that guides the soul of men through the Purgatory and after their redemption they escort them to Heaven.


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