Evil Boy
Evil Boy in Orphanage
Evil Boy in Orphanage.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 150
Damage 1/10/20/30(Knife)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Orphanage
Break Boy
Boy Without Head in Orphanage
Boy without head (Break Boy) outside Orphanage.
Type Undead
Class Melee
Health 100
Damage 1/1,25/3,75/(Claws)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Orphanage, Highway to Hell

Evil Boys are enemies that appear in Orphanage.

They have pale eyes, pale skin, grey school uniform stained in blood, as well bloodied claws instead of hands and legs with open wounds. However, do not underestimate them, as they are pretty fast in running and attacking. They love to slice the player with their butcher knives. But after taking enough damage they will transform into headless corpses that will jump at the player trying to mutilate them with claws. Much like their female counterparts Evil Girls, they are quite tough to kill, even with Stakegun well-aimed at them.

Break Boys or Headless Boys appear outside the Orphanage, lurking in the swamp water and in front of main entrance. However, they don't contain souls and they don't count towards the final score.

German VersionEdit

Due to the fact that Child violence is prohibited in Germany, there has been added some alternative models to the Evil Boys which replaces their head with a piece of wood to resemble a Pinocchio, also they will not make any kind of sounds. They were later replaced with Corns.