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Field Ambulance
Level 4
Chapter 2
Monster count 189
Total gold 828
Armor count 2
Holy item count 3
Ammo count 36
Object count 145
Secrets 1
Tarot card Last Breath

"Ah, the American Civil War. Hope that bastard Gratt is in here."
—Belial once he enters the Field Ambulance.

Field Ambulance is the fourth level of Painkiller Overdose chapter 2.

Description Edit

Set during the American Civil War, the map consists of a battlefield between a Union fort and a Confederate bunker. A ruined railway runs through the center of the map - from Confederate bunker to Union fort. In the background, sounds of war, cannons firing, army charges and inside bunkers or tents various moans, screams and cries of the wounded can be heard. At the end there's a large Steam tank.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited mostly by Confederate soldiers (it is unknown why Union soldiers weren't included, and why Confederates also appear inside an Union fort). This level also introduces two new kinds of enemies. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Last Breath. To acquire it, player has to finish the level in maximum 20 minutes.

Soundtrack Edit

Field Ambulance Music 01:
C8L4 field ambulance music01
Field Ambulance Music 02:
C8L4 field ambulance music02
Field Ambulance Fight:
C8L4 field ambulance fight loop

Environment SoundsEdit

Army 1:
Army 2:
Army 3:
Army 4:
Hey 1:
Hey 2:
Hey 3:
Hey 4:
Hit 1:
Hit 2:
Hit 3:
Hit 4:
Rain Tent:
Rain tent

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