Fire Spectre
Fire spectre in Cataclysm
Fire Spectre in Cataclysm.
Type Elemental
Class Melee
Health 120
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Cataclysm, Black Tower

Fire Spectres are enemies that are encountered in the Cataclysm and Black Tower levels.


Fire Spectres are enemies which are entirely made of fire, they will walk slowly towards you and once they are close enough they will swing their arms and burn you. When killed the fire spectre may get airborne and fall to the ground, the leftover fire will not hurt you or explode like the Elektro Freak causing huge damage at close contact.

They will later be supports for the Guardian when he has low health in the Black Tower level which will not be counted as monsters on kill and they will drop souls which will not be counted in the soul counter but it will still provide health.


  • The Fire Spectre actually has a body which is automatically turned invisible on spawn, the body is the Freak's body.
  • The Fire Spectre has all of the Freak's animations but he only uses "idle_rozwiazany"(used for idle and for walking) and "atak_rozwiazany"(used at close range).