Frozen Meat in Orphanage

Frozen Meat in Orphanage.

Frozen Meat (or Bag Babies) are enemies that appear in Orphanage.

They resemble children that have been put into sacks with "Fresh Meat" inscription on them. Bag Babies walk around slowly weeping but when they see the player they will slowly run towards the player. They have really low health even in Trauma difficulty. However, do not approach them, as they will release child's cry and explode into frozen pieces of meat, hurting the player even when he/she is far from them.

Shotgun is enough to take them down.

In Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, Bag Babies, apart from initial one, recieved new sacks. The first one is sack for coffee beans (in Orphanage), the second one is popcorn bag (in Loony Park), the third one is ghost costume (in Cemetery Halloween Edition), the fourth one is a present (in Train Station Xmas Edition) and the fifth one is an Satan Easter Egg (in Satan's Easter Eggs).


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