Painkiller battle conceptart KLRvG

Concept art of the German Soldier

German Soldiers
are somewhat dangerous enemies that appear in the Painkiller: Battle out of Hell level Leningrad. Much like their Russian counterparts, they utilize grenades and sub-machine guns to dish out large amounts of damage. Their use of swarm tactics can lead to the player fighting up to 15 at a time.

Of note is that German Soldiers will fight Russian Soldiers and Detos, as well as the player. This means that, if the player holds back, they can allow the enemies to thin themselves out before engaging.

They also appear in Air Combat in Painkiller: Overdose with different colors and they fight for one of the sides of the air war.


  • Given that the German Army suffered over a million casualties, it would make sense that at least some of these men would end up in purgatory for their crimes.


  • All soldiers wield MP-40 sub-machine guns and Model 24 "Potato Masher" grenades, both of which have become well known symbols of the German Army in World War 2.
  • According to the rank badges seen on their uniforms, all soldiers encountered are Senior Lance Corporals.


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