Golems are enemies that are found in almost every level of Painkiller Ressurection.


They are little or large brown golems with black holes instead of eyes and inscriptions all over the body, they posses all of the Black Demon's abilities, animations, hitbox and behavior. They may appear in every single level, but they have no back story.

Small GolemsEdit

These versions are the most common, appearing in every single level. They are the least threatening golems, able to be killed with a single stake with the stakegun. These versions can be frozen and on death they will drop a green soul.

Big GolemsEdit

The Big Golems are larger versions of the Small Golems with more health. They appear in large amounts in The Cathedrale and Forbidden Valley, The Small Golems and Big Golems have no difference in damage. These versions of golems cannot be frozen and on death they will drop a red soul.


The Guardian(Not to be confused with Big Golems) is the most powerfull enemy golem and threatening appearing at the Cathedrale Entrance. He behaves like the other golems and has the size of a Big Golem with the exception being his ludicrous health. This version cannot be fozen either and it will drop a red soul.

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