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Level 5
Chapter 1
Monster count 126
Total gold 36
Armor count 2
Holy item count 0
Ammo count 11
Object count 21
Secrets 2
Tarot card Rage

Hangar is the fifth level of Painkiller: Resurrection.

Description Edit

This level is set in two small hangars, just behind the Haunted City, which are full of rusty machinery. The entrance into these Hangars is located in Haunted City's docks.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited by various types of monsters. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Rage. To acquire it, player has to finish the level in maximum 5 minutes.

Soundtrack Edit

Hangar Music:
C9L4 Haunted City Docks music
Hangar Fight:

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