previous level - Old Monastery

Level 4
Chapter 5
Monster count 1
Total gold 0
Armor count 5
Holy item count 0
Ammo count 32
Object count 0
Secrets 5
Tarot card Mercy

Hell is the fourth level of Painkiller chapter 5 and also the final level in Painkiller. It appears in all difficulty modes except for Trauma difficulty - which disables all levels in chapter 5.

Description Edit

This level is set, as the name implies, in Hell. In Painkiller, Hell is looking very differently from it's tipical depiction. Instead of giant, volcanic cavers full of fire and flames it is depicted as gray, rocky planes with hills that are filled with depictions of humanity's worst catastrophies and wars frozen in time. At the very start of the level, player finds himself surrounded by destroyed columns, and later sees two trebuchets storming a castle wall with flaming boulders, something resembling a primitive rocket and a launching pod, a giant army of attacking knights in a dust cloud, axes and swords flying in the air, blood-covered stakes portruding from the ground, another castle wall with burning ladders falling down from it, trenches of World War I filled with firing Maxim machineguns and explosions everywhere, near them there are also two destroyed World War II planes, a World War II bunker, a ruined city devastated by explosions and a explosing, falling down tall chimney emmiting weird sounds. Next to the city is a pool of water and a sinking ship in it presumed by many at first sight to be RMS Titanic, which is wrong because at a closer inspection one can see that it is in fact a Dreadnought-class battleship. A destroyed, exploding in mid-air plane is hovering over the city, next to a giant, ruptured atomic rocket that emmits battle commands and sounds of it flying. Towering over all of the hell is a humongous mushroom cloud. Player can hear screams and deformed sounds of those events all throuought the level.

Monsters Edit

The ruler of Hell - Lucifer - is encountered here. There are also transparent versions of monsters encountered in previous levels but they are very weak and can be killed with one hit of any weapon.

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Mercy. To acquire it, player has to kill Lucifer.


Environment Sounds Edit

Soundtrack Edit

Hell Music:
C5L4 Hell
Hell Lucifer Fight:
C5L4 Hell Lucifer

Environment SoundsEdit

Atomic Explosion Sound 1:
Dym 01
Atomic Explosion Sound 2:
Dym 02
Atomic Mushroom:
Command 1:
Komenda 01
Command 2:
Komenda 02
Command 3:
Komenda 03
Swords 1:
Miecze 01
Swords 2:
Miecze 02
Swords 3:
Miecze 03
Swords 4:
Miecze 04
War 1:
Wojna 01


  • This level can be a metaphore that humanity literally "creates a hell of its own".

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