Belial: "Well what do we have here? Isn't that the famous Blade Of Shiver? Well, a piece of it anyways. Crap."
Belial: "Well well well. Lookie what I found. The powerful Sword Of Shiver. It's kinda broken. I'm just one lucky bastard."
—Belial when he picks up HellBlade.

HellBlade is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. This broken sword might not look very impresive, but when we throw it in front of us, in the place where the rest of the sword should be, the energetic blade will appear, which shred everything that approach for two meters. The sword can also summon three, small skulls, which will fly toward the nearest enemy dealing damage to it. It can be found in Asteroids.

  • 1 SKULLS mode - the blade shoots three, small skulls which will pursue the enemy. They have average range but we don't have to worry about the accuracy, because we only need to shoot the skulls when the enemy is on their way and they will get it themselves.
  • 2 BLADE mode - we throw the blade in front ouf us, which under the influence of the energy will start to swirl and keep in the air, about two meters in front of us. In place where the rest of the blade should be, the energetic extension of this weapon will appear and thanks to it, it can deal a lot of damage no matter the distance.


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