Insane Villager in Village Of The Damned

Insane Villager in Village Of The Damned.

Insane Villagers are enemies that appear in Village Of The Damned.

The Insane Villager is a dangerous enemy. Part of this danger comes from the fact that there are actually two versions, but both look identical. The other is that they usually attack in swarms.

The normal version will throw chunks of meat from a distance. There only other attack is to charge the player and use their pitchfork.

The second version will hang back, similarly throwing chunks of meat. However, they also throw poisoned pitchforks, which act much like the Corn's grenade attack, creating a poisonous cloud that will damage the player. If the player is hit by one of these pitchforks, they will take damage for a short amount of time.

Insane villagers are usually supported by Altar Boys and Priests.


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