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Level 3
Chapter 1
Monster count 173
Total gold 456
Armor count 4
Holy item count 2
Ammo count 56
Object count 68
Secrets 3
Tarot card The Sceptre

Lab is the third level of Painkiller Battle Out Of Hell.

Description Edit

This level is set in some kind of laboratory in some industrial area. The whole lab consist of three buildings but only the main building is explored. Outside the lab is small plaza with benches, whitered trees and lamps. Inside there are various lasers and other machinery. One of the elevator shafts leads to big tank which contains somekind of teleporter at the bottom. Below the lab are the sewers.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited mostly by scientists and lab guards. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is The Sceptre. To acquire it, player has to finish the level using Bolt Gun only.

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