Leper Monk
Leper Monk in Town
Leper Monk in Town.
Type Demon
Class Melee/Ranged
Health 1000
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Town, Ragnarok, Gloomy Mountains
Leper Monks are elite monsters encountered in Town in Chapter 2 of Painkiller and later in Ragnarok of Painkiller: Overdose. They wear ragged grey clothes and wield staves staves with skulls on top of them. On the head they also wear a masks with horns and holes for the eyes. They are very dangerous due to their power of telekinesis. At a distance, they can pick up lying corpses and throw them at the player. In melee, they can push a player back thanks to their powers and dealing much damage. Fortunately they are not immune to freezing, so you can shoot them with freezer and then with shotgun.

Upon death, Leper Monks will throw their staves at the player just before they die.

They drop Red Souls on death, which recovers 6 HP instead of 1.


Incantations by the Leper Monk while he is doing the body throwing move:

"Alal natra uts pa spito fore es ito din BEM VE."


"Lanzar Egipt fore es it, RA-FA-EL!"


"Do no heal and surgeon, NO ENJOY TO ALL *horse snort*"