All 4 varieties of leper zombies

Leper zombies are, without a doubt, some of the easiest enemies to deal with in the game - they appear in Town, Castle, Dead Marsh, Forbidden Valley, Gloomy Mountains, Unfortunate Abbey and Graveyard. They slowly shamble towards the player, sometimes throwing the tool they hold (usually torches or sickles). Subsequently, they rip out their own flesh and throw it at their target; it will cause less damage than the tool they initially hold, in fact flesh can be thrown endlessly. Also, if the player gets too close, they will try to punch him/her.

Like for many other monsters, the Stakegun is most of the times a good choice against Leper zombies: a single stake is enough to kill them.

They can be hard to spot sometimes, as they like to hide on ledges and roofs.


  • They may be based off of human's fear of undead.
  • They may also be based off fear of the supernatural things and the various diseases, namely plague and leprosy (Which can be seen in the Town level by the white Xs on doors, which was used to mark people who had the plague during the Dark Age).
  • Strangely, their flesh never runs out.
  • Despite what the manual says, headshots are not required to kill them.

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