Loki in Opera House
Loki in Opera House.
Type Demon
Class Melee
Health 90
Damage 1/7,5/15/22,5(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Opera House, Snowy Bridge, Desert, High Seas
Lokis are twisted spider-like quadrupedal creatures, most likely humans, their entire body is covered with bandages, they have masks on their faces and claw-like appendages on their limbs. They first appear in second chapter of Painkiller. They are introduced in Opera House, in main auditorium. Their main attack is jumping on the player and slashing him/her with their clavs. When they are near death, they commit suicide and release two Spiders. Later they appear in Snowy Bridge and have the same attacks as their versions in Opera House which exception that they don't release spiders.

They also appear in Desert in Painkiller: Overdose and High Seas in Painkiller: Ressurection.