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Loony Park
Level 4
Chapter 3
Monster count 149
Total gold 954
Armor count 6
Holy item count 4
Ammo count 41
Object count 143
Secrets 3
Tarot card Gamble
"Mom and dad never took me to the fair. Mom always prefered torture chambers. Dad always prefered never to see me."
—Belial once he enters the Loony Park

Loony Park is the fourth level in third chapter of Painkiller: Overdose.

Description Edit

This level is the exact copy of Loony Park, which is slightly modified and it's set in large and hellish amusement park with green sky and vortex in the middle. The whole amusement park is very colorful and has multiple eye catching trimmings and accessories. It has various attractions and rides such as colorful carousels and other entertainment attractions, as well as ice cream or hamburgers booths. There is also gigantic ferris wheel with pentagram. However, all of attractions are rather grim and morose because one carousel has circular saws and another has electric chairs as seats. Other entertainment attractions include "Acid Bath" or "House Of Pain", and judging from food booths, ice creams are made from flesh with nails and hamburgers are alive. There's also crater in the ground which prevents from exploring other parts of Loony Park. However the rollercoaster is missing and instead there's a new area with pirate ships.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited mostly by clowns and living dolls. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Gamble. To acquire it, player has to destroy all objects.

Secret areas/pickups Edit

Secrets and holy items Edit


  • Like in the original level, the writing on ice cream booths is "Zmielono Burka choć wściekły był jak infi." which translates to "Burek was minced despite being angry like infi" in polish. The sign itself is a reference to polish brand of ice cream named Zielona Budka.

Soundtrack Edit

Loony Park Music:
C6L2 LoonyPark Music
Loony Park Fight:
C6L2 LoonyPark Fight

Environment SoundsEdit

Burp 1:
Bek 01
Burp 2:
Bek 02
Burp 3:
Bek 03
Clown's Trumpet 1:
Clown trumpet 01
Clown's Trumpet 2:
Clown trumpet 02
Clown's Trumpet 3:
Clown trumpet 03
Girl 1:
Dziewcze 01
Girl 2:
Dziewcze 02
Girl 3:
Dziewcze 03
Electric Chair Carousel 1:
Dzwonki 01
Electric Chair Carousel 2:
Dzwonki 02
Whistle 1:
Gwizdek 01
Whistle 2:
Gwizdek 02
Whistle 3:
Gwizdek 03
Whistle 4:
Gwizdek 04
Whistle 5:
Gwizdek 05
Whistle 6:
Gwizdek 06
Sawblade Carousel 1:
Harmoszka 01a
Sawblade Carousel 2:
Harmoszka 01b
Yodeling 1:
Jodla 01
Yodeling 2:
Jodla 02
Carousel 1:
Karuzela 01
Carousel 2:
Karuzela 02
Carousel 3:
Karuzela 03