Master in Japanese Massacre
Master in Japanese Massacre.
Type Human
Class Ranged/Melee
Health 300
Damage 1/10/20/30(Melee)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Japanese Massacre

Masters are dangerous enemies that appear in Japanese Massacre.

Masters wear yellow japanese clothing and hats with green dragon on them. They also have broken spear stuck in the chest. They have two attacks: melee and ranged.

In melee they will use their broken stick from spear to hit the player. Instead, their ranged attack consists in summoning blue, spiritual skulls to attack the player. Also when they are near death, they will throw their own hat at the player and subsequentially die.

Apart from their attacks they have one deadly ability. They can become invisible and become invulnerable to attacks. They can spawn again to attack the player and become invisible again. When facing with other monsters, eliminate them as fast as possible.


Masters are supposed to have two models. The first one wears a yellow blood-stained outfit, purple belt and has a spear in his chest. The second one wears a black/dark gray outfit with some orange lines, but without any blood stains, and a purple belt with some colourful balls attached to it; most notably, no spear pierces his torso, which explains the lack of blood stains on the outfit. However, only the Master with the yellow outift appares in the game.