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Military Base
Level 3
Chapter 3
Monster count 347
Total gold 680
Armor count 7
Holy item count 4
Ammo count 109
Object count 91
Secrets 7
Tarot card Greed

Military Base is the third level of Painkiller chapter 3.

Description Edit

This level is set in large military base located in a desert in the United States. There are two large open spaces that contain hangars, bunkers and garages. At the very end of the level the player encounters a Soviet flying saucer inside one of the hangars that sometimes will randomly play either USSR's anthem or the song "Kalinka."

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited mostly by commandos and soldiers - this set of monsters is reflected in every level in the third chapter. But apart from them there are also Tanks and Turrets. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Greed. To acquire it, player has to kill all monsters.

Secret areas/pickups Edit

Seven armors can be found in this level:

  • The first one (bronze) is in the garage at the beginning of the level.
  • The second one (silver) is inside the guard tower next to the gate which has to be ramed via truck.
  • The third one (silver) is on the top level in the small corridors in the area with rocket.
  • The fourth one (gold) is inside the upper deck in the plane (it is connected to secret #4).
  • The fifth one (silver) is on the ground level in the air tower.
  • The sixth one (gold) is inside security booth in the area with cistern tanks the (it is connected to secret #7).
  • The seventh one (gold) is between hangar one and two.

Secrets and holy items Edit

  • The first secret is located on the first guard tower's roof next to the two small bunkers. It is reached by using three metalic barrels placed on one another to climb up there (if they hadn't been destroyed). The altenate way is to use small platform that was holding the truck, stand on it and use it as an ramp by attacking it via Painkiller to reach the secret.
  • The second secret is located at the bottom level of the ventilation shaft in the room with rocket. It is reached either by jumping in the cylindrical room with rocket to the bottom or by destroying the vent and climbing down the ladder.
  • The third secret is located inside the upper deck in the plane open plane. It is reached by using small metalic box and pushing it below the ladder.
  • The fourth secret is located on the fuselage of the open plane. It is reached by pushing small metalic box next to the plane's wheels and trying to jump on the fuselage.
  • The fifth secret is located behind the back entrance to the first hangar on the left.
  • The sixth secret is located in the area with cisterns. It is reached simply by entering the guard tower that leads into the secret.
  • The seventh secret is located on the roof of the fourth hangar to the left. It is reached by jumping onto the fuselage of the plane, then onto it's tail and finally on the hangar's roof.

Trivia Edit

  • All throuought the level player can hear deformed military commands in german, english and polish. The polish ones are "Równaj w prawo, drugi szereg" and "Melduję że pluton numer pięć jest gotowy do wymarszu." and were taken from a polish war comedy cult classic - Jak Rozpętałem II Wojnę Światową, and so is one of the german ones. One of the english commands, "OP to tower, OP to tower!" is taken from the movie Starship Troopers.
  • In the meeting room at the beginning of the level, there is a map posted on the wall. The co-ordinates of the location pictured are 50.17 N 18.40 E. If entered into a latitude and longitude search engine, the location is revealed to be Gliwice, Poland. What the significance of this is is unknown.
  • On the green containers found around Military Base an interesting incription can be found, namely PEOPLE CAN FRY, which at the beginning can be interpretated as PEOPLE CAN FLY. And above this text a Polish flag can be found. And next to it there are telephone numbers with area codes from regions in Poland such as Żuławy Wiślane lub Wielkopolska. And on the red containers there is an inscription UNIVERSAL EXPORTS, and James Bond was often calling himself as a worker of this company.

Gallery Edit

Soundtrack Edit

Military Base Music 01:
C3L3 Military Base Music 01
Military Base Music 02:
C3L3 Military Base Music 02
Military Base Fight:
C1L2 Atrium Complex C3L3 Military Base Fight

Environment SoundsEdit

Command ambience:
Komenda ambient
Commands 1:
Komendy 01
Commands 2:
Komendy 02
Commands 3:
Komendy 03