PCFHQ (People Can Fly Headquarters) is a bonus level in Battle out of Hell expansion, unlocked after gaining all the Tarot cards in Painkiller and finishing BooH on Trauma difficulty. It's the only level in the franchise with no combat.


The headquarters are a relatively small castle attached to balloons, suspended midair in the Shadowland. You start on a bridge leading to the main gate, surrounded by non-agressive enemies (evil and devil monks) and treasure chests. The castle contains small yard, multiple walls and towers of various height and even a moat, but there is no water. To beat this level, the player has to collect all 23 souls belonging to the Painkiller developers - People Can Fly.

Location of the SoulsEdit

(describe where the souls are and how to get 'em) The final soul, belonging to Adrian Chmielarz himself, is located on top of the highest tower.

Trivia Edit

  • You start the level with 666 health;
  • Although the enemies do not attack in this level, their presence still disables the ambient track.
  • A similar version of this level can be seen during the roller coaster ride in Loony Park.

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