Painkiller: Redemption is the fourth game in the series.

Story Edit

In a quite violent game, far far away from this world...

Daniel, the very first hero to enter Hell, has killed both Alastor, the general of all of Hell's armies, as well and Lucifer himself. But at the very moment of triumph he was betrayed by Eva, his companion of old, who previously took over the power of Lucifer and Alastor.

With them gone, she became the new ruler of Hell. Impressed by Daniel's endurance she offered him to become her right hand. He refused, which infuriated Eva. As she was about to start lethal attack on Daniel, Belial, the master of portals, appeared all of a sudden. Daniel once freed Belial from Purgatory by defeating Lucifer. Belial is now back to return the favor and pulls him in a portal teleporting both to Purgatory.

Having a common objective in killing Eva, as she is the most powerful and dangerous of all demons, both set out for the ultimate carnage. But to complete the bloody task they're in need of a very powerful blessing...

This is their story...

(taken from intro cinematic)

Levels Edit

Unlike previous installations, this game utilizes maps that are actually designed for multiplayer.




-The Complex of Towers

-Old Underground Complex


Ending Edit

The onslaught is over.

As Belial was fighting Eva's lesser demons, Daniel prepared to take the final shot. She never suspected that a human and a demon hybrid could pose a real threat to her as she was the almighty lady of Hell. The last blessed bullet shot by Daniel ends her rule over the plane of the damned, hitting her straight between the eyes. The corpse falls and begins to perish instantly.

However, Daniel knows it is not the end. The energy of the Master of Hell, just like before, is bestowing these powers to the next best powerful entity in range. Anybody who gets close will start the vicious circle all over again.

Belial is clearly disturbed. He senses someone...something. A white portal opens, and a glowing, winged figure steps out of it. It is Sammael, Gods' archangel. Everything becomes obvious now. He must have planned this. Just observing. Waiting for the right opportunity to gain absolute power.

Daniel and Belial, stunned in the face of the betrayal, just manage to stare at Sammael. Full of both unutterable wrath and pure anguish, they realize that the real struggle has just begun...

(taken from outro cinematic)