Painkiller is an unlockable character in Multiplayer Mode.

About Edit

Painkiller is the only human character and the only character which can be unlocked in the Multiplayer Mode. He is a white male with sunglasses wearing grey shoes, blue jeans and a blue shirt along with a unzipped grey jacket covering it. He is also wearing a biker-like belt with a beaver head along with a pyramid in the front of the belt. He is unlocked by completing the Forest level which is only available in Trauma Mode.

In the multiplayer mode he is using all of the Knight's sounds and not the Daniel's one, meaning that he is a completely different character.

Bugs Edit

  • If you uninstall the game, then reinstall it and loading a save where the Forest level is already completed, completing any other level will still unlock this character.

Trivia Edit

  • He was supposed to have skulls on his jackets and on front of his shirt, and his glasses and eyes would a have a glowing red light. But these have gone unused and are still found in the Textures.pak file.
  • If you remove the Painkiller's sunglasses you will see that his eyes are closed.
  • Unlike Daniel Garner, Painkiller wears sunglasses. In the original concept of Painkiller, the main character is seen wearing sunglasses, this is likely a reference to the original concept of the protagonist.

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