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Level 4
Chapter 1
Monster count 1
Total gold 100
Armor count 2
Holy item count 1
Ammo count 17
Object count 0
Secrets 1
Tarot card Health Regeneration

Pentagon is the fourth level of Painkiller Battle Out Of Hell. This level is unlocked only on Nightmare or Trauma difficulties.

Description Edit

This level is set in some kind of bunker or storage, area rather than the actual Pentagon. The interior is filled with iron containers and boxes. There are also five turrets that must be used against the boss.

Monsters Edit

This place is inhabited by enormous Panzerspider, which are a more powerful and dangerous version of the Panzerdemons.

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Health Regeneration. To acquire it, player has to kill Panzerspider in less than 4:00.

Secret areas/pickups Edit

Two armors can be found in this level:

  • The first one (gold) is located in the front of some containers.
  • The second one (silver) is located in the middle of some containers.

Secrets and holy items Edit

  • The first secret is located on top of some containers. It is reached by waiting for Panzerspider to perform his attack (slamming his legs onto the ground) to make you fly up. Try to stand next to the containers, wait for Panzerspider attack and then land onto the containers.

Soundtrack Edit

Pentagon Fight 1:
C6L4 Pentagon
Pentagon Fight 2:
C6L4 Pentagon Fight

Environment SoundsEdit