There are currently 3 powerups:

Weapon Modifier Edit

The weapon modifier is a skull-shaped pickup which grants the player the same effects as the Tarot Card, Weapon Modifier, does. It will let the player's weapons to have special abilities:

Painkiller: Heaven's got a Hitman Edit

- Painkiller:
  - Primary : Unknown, adds a light to the end of the gun.
  - Secondary : The beam will be made if you have the projectile in your field of view instead of looking at it.
- Shotgun:
  - Primary : The accuracy is improved.
  - Secondary : The freeze effect will be longer
- Stake Gun:
  - Primary : The stake will go in a straight line, refusing to obey the gravity, also the fire effect will not have any delays.
  - Secondary : The Grenades will have a flame explosion.
- Rocket Launcher:
  - Primary : The rocket will go faster.
  - Secondary : The bullets will deal more damage and every single bullet will have sparks.
- Electrodriver:
  - Primary : The shurikens will explode on contact with anything.
  - Secondary : The electric beam will have a bouncing effect.

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Edit

- Rifle:
  - Primary : Makes the rifle automatic.
  - Secondary : Adds more flame, dealing a lot more damage.
- Bolt Gun:
  - Primary : Deals more damage.
  - Secondary : The bombs are already activated, they will explode on impact.

Quad Edit

The Quad does what its name suggests quads(4x) the damage. The next tabel shows the difference on a black demon:

Painkiller: Heaven's got a Hitman Edit

  Weapon            With                 Without              Time
- Painkiller
  - Primary         ???                  ???                  3 Seconds/3 Seconds
  - Secondary       3 Shots              11 Shots             Depends/Depends
  - Ray             ???                  ???                  2 Seconds/8 Seconds
  - Combo           2 Shots              6 Shots              Depends/Depends
- Shotgun         
  - Primary         3 Shots/Depends      9 Shots/Depends      3 Seconds/11 Seconds
  - Secondary       N/A                  N/A                  ---/---
- Stake Gun       
  - Primary         2 Shots              8 Shots              Depends/Depends
  - Secondary       3 Shots/Depends      9 Shots/Depends      Depends/Depends
  - Combo           Ineffective          Ineffective          ---/---
- Rocket Launcher
  - Primary         3 Shots/Depends      9 Shots/Depends      Depends/Depends
  - Secondary       22 Bullets           84 Bullets           2 Seconds/6 Seconds
- Electrodriver
  - Primary         9 Shurikens          34 Shurikens         3 Seconds/6 Seconds
  - Secondary       35 Electricity       125 Electricity      3 Seconds/9 Seconds
  - Combo Enemy     Depends + Explosion  Depends + Explosion  Depends/Depends
  - Combo Ground    Depends(+ Explosion) Depends(+ Explosion) Depends/Depends

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Edit

  Weapon            With                 Without              Time
- Rifle
  - Primary         6 Shots              24 Shots             2 Seconds/5 Seconds 
  - Secondary       20 Flames            85 Flames            5 Seconds/8 Seconds
  - Afterburn       4 Bursts + Afterburn 4 Bursts + Afterburn Depends/Depends
  - Combo           4 Bombs/Depends      4 Bombs/Depends      Depends/Depends
- Bolt Gun
  - Primary All     2 Shots              5 Shots              TBA/TBA
  - Primary One     6 Shots              23 Shots             TBA/TBA
  - Secondary All   1 Shot               2 Shots              Instant/2 Seconds
  - Secondary One   TBA                  TBA                  TBA/TBA
  - Combo           TBA                  TBA                  TBA/TBA

Miscellaneous Edit

The Demon Morph has been tested on a Black Demon with 1.000.000 HP.

  Weapon            With                 Without              Time
- Demon Morph
  - Primary         No Difference        Random               Depends/Depends

Pentagram Edit

The Pentagram is the only powerup which isn't found in Singleplayer. He grants the Player invincibility for a limited period of time.

The Pentagram will protect you from the following factors:

- Any kind of NPC's Damage.
- Any kind of Player's Damage.
- Explosives
- Electric Chair. (Prison)
- Being crushed by Pillars. (Babel,Colloseum)
- Being crushed by Giant Enemies. (Enclave)
- Fire. (Colloseum)
- Blades. (Colloseum)
- Obstacle Course. (Colloseum)
- Fall Damage
- Meteorites (Tower, Cataclysm)
- Swamp (Orphanage, Swamp)
- Acid (DM_ExMortis)
- Potentially Harmful Water (DM_ExMortis)

The Pentagram will not protect you from the following factors:

- Death Barrier (Out of bounds)
- Death Triggers (Zones that will trigger your death instantly)
  - Far Away Swamp. (Orphanage)
  - Hell's Frozen Area.
  - Pits (Babel, Bridge, Catacombs, Castle, Colloseum, Loony Park, Old Monastery, Underworld)
  - Babel's Restriction Zone.
  - Lava (The Palace)
  - Deep Water (City On Water, Docks, DM_Factory)

Factors that are yet unclassified:

- Teleport Frags

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