Preacher in Orphanage
Preacher in Orphanage.
Type Undead
Class Melee/Ranged
Health 600(Orphanage)
800(Dead City)
Damage 1/10/20/30(Meat Cleaver)
1/10/20/30(Thrown item)
Movement Walking
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Orphanage

Preachers are enemies that first appear in Orphanage and later in Dead City.

Preachers are large monsters with large meat cleavers and chopped off feet which they hold behind their backs. They are quite tough to kill. The first time you meet this monster in Orphanage it is invincible. The only way to damage it is to kill all children in Orphanage basement. They also use telekinesis to hurt the player, for example by throwing cars at the player in Dead City. Two of Preachers encountered in Dead City possess the same abilites as the one in Orphanage (they cannot be killed until other monsters are killed). They drop red souls on death instead of green, and it recovers 6 HP instead of 1.

In Painkiller: Hell & Damnation, Preachers recieved new skins. The first one is Opera House actor with masks on his face and other ornaments on his bodies. The second one is a clown in Loony Park. Also in Train Station Xmass Edition, Preacher appears as the Santa Claus and he must be killed in order to finish the level.

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