"Did I just see that right, did that priest just bring back the demon from dead... rather the undead... the unspiri- oh whatever!"
—Belial when he sees the Priest resurrecting a monster for the first time.


Priest in Village Of The Damned
Priest in Village Of The Damned.
Type Human
Class Melee
Health 84
Damage 1/8/16/24(Melee)
Movement Flying
Behavior Harmful
Featured in: Village Of The Damned

Priests are enemies that appear in Village Of The Damned and Graveyard. These unholy mockeries of actual priests from the Inquisition wear black robes with hats and have upside-down Holy Crosses hanging on their necks. They use a rod, which actually is also an iron cross, as weapon and as tool to resurrect un-gibbed dead demons nearby.

While spawning, some of them shout "in nomine Patris" ("in the name of the Father") in a demonic voice.


  • The Priest was supposed to have another variant. Instead of carrying a metalic cross and hat, this Priest was holding incense that would poison the player and didn't wear any hat. However, he never appeared in game.