Psychonuns not very dangerous female enemies that appear in several levels. Their primary version doesn't have any additional skills but their upraged version has. There are two versions of them:


Normal Psychonun in Atrium Complex

Normal Psychonun in Atrium Complex

They appear in the Atrium Complex. They wear red, ragged clothes with exposed stomachs, and carry scythes with them. They usually fly towards the player with long scythes and try to slice Daniel.

A blue version of them also appears in Asteroids level in Painkiller: Overdose but instead of wearing red clothes, they wear blue ones. The only difference between them and their red variants is that they are noticeably faster. They also appear in The Complex Of Towers level in Painkiller: Redemption.


Upraged Psychonun in Cathedral

Upraged Psychonun in Cathedral.

They appear in the Cathedral. They are identical to normal versions but they wear helmets which provide them slight protection. Apart from their main weapon they received ability to shoot at player special projectiles which freeze a weapon for short while and making it totally useless. This can be frustrating, especially in room with Giant Vamp. Also they appear in Spikes and Complex of Towers levels in Painkiller: Redemption and in Graveyard level in Painkiller: Recurring Evil.


  • They are also encountered in Hell, but are almost invisible and have no added bonuses to their attacks.
  • It is unknown why, but the stomachs of Psychonuns seem bloated.


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