Razor Cube

Razor Cube is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. It can be found in Cataclysm.

By the usage, this weapon resembles Painkiller from original version. Razor Cube is composed of several dozen elements, which start to circle around with great speed and slice the enemies. Good weapon for close and medium distances.

  • 1 RAZOR mode - rotating elements of cube slice anyone who approaches too close to the player.
  • 2 CUBE mode - it shoots the cube at the enemy and after the hit it will draw the target to the player. During the throw between the cube and an arm of Belial, a red, laser beam will appear dealing damage to anyone who cames through it.
  • 3 Combine mode (mode 1 + 2) FLYING RAZORS - the mode very smimilar to the first one, but the razor will slowly fly towarts the enemies. Everyone who is standing on the way will die.

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