Screamer is a weapon available in Painkiller: Overdose. This pretty disguisting looking demon head at first glance might not even look like a weapon. However, this weapon, without doubt, is one of the best weapons in game. The eyes of the demon shoot laser beam, which literally slash and fry every enemy that is in the way. But even more destructive power of this head is a powerful scream. Almost every monster will die immediately when it is in the way of the sound wave. It can be found in Cataclysm as an initial weapon.

  • 1 EVIL EYES mode - the powerful laser is shot from eyes of the demon which fly in straight line, and it can exterminate enemies at pretty far distances. It is incredibly accurate but it loses the ammo pretty fast.
  • 2 SCREAMER mode - one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Slowly moving sound wave, breaks the bones and crush the skulls of our enemies. All weak and average monsters will die immediately, but these stronger will survive, but nevertheless they recieve enormous amount of damage. This mode requires quite a lot energy to work.


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