previous level - Stone Pit

Level 10
Chapter 1
Monster count 1
Total gold 0
Armor count 3
Holy item count 0
Ammo count 48
Object count 0
Secrets 0
Tarot card Health Stealer

Shadowland is the tenth and final level of Painkiller Battle Out Of Hell.

Description Edit

This level is set on somekind floating island full of ruined building and derbis. In the middle of the island there is a crater, which serves as a battle arena. Apart from him there are also friendly Stone Golems.

Monsters Edit

The new ruler of Hell - King Alastor - is encountered here with an exception that he is more powerful than before.

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Health Stealer. To acquire it, player has to kill King Alastor in less than 4:00.

Soundtrack Edit

Painkiller: Battle out of Hell Edit

Shadowland Music/Fight:
C6L10 Shadowland Fight

Painkiller Hell & Damnation Edit

Shadowland Fight:
C5L4 Hell

Environment SoundsEdit

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