Snowy Bridge
Level 4
Chapter 2
Monster count 204
Total gold 716
Armor count 5
Holy item count 3
Ammo count 52
Object count 122
Secrets 6
Tarot card Dark Soul

Snowy Bridge is the fourth level of Painkiller chapter 2.

Description Edit

This level is set on long, frosted and full of snow metal bridge somewhere in mountainous area. Apart from that there is large machine room and later observatory which is accessible only by an aerial tramway.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited by monsters that were encountered in Opera House but more frosted and with different abilities. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Dark Soul. To acquire it, player has to find every secred place.

Out of Snowy Bridge Edit

Painkiller- Bonus - Out Of Snowy Bridge06:37

Painkiller- Bonus - Out Of Snowy Bridge

By jumping at the corner of the metal fence you are able to leave the bridge and explore the mountains, there isn't much to see from here aside from mountains but it is possible to walk on most of it. Going too far down will end in a game over.


  • Sometimes in the level a weird, mechanical sound can be randomly hear as presented here. In the game files it is named "Ptak.wmv" which literally translates to "Bird.wmv" indicating that this is in fact a modified bird sound.

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