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Level 1
Chapter Main
Monster count 1011
Total gold 1440
Armor count 2
Holy item count 8
Ammo count 125
Object count 103
Secrets 4
Tarot card Replenish

Spikes is the first level of the game Painkiller: Redemption.

About Edit

Spikes is the first level in Painkiller: Redemption. The level is the multiplayer map, Cursed, which has been heavely edited for a suitable singleplayer level. The level itself doesn't resembles any place from the real life, but rather a combination of cathedrales(exterior) and medieval fortresses(interior and exterior).

The level's protagonist is Belial. Despite being the first level, Belial will start with every single available weapons, those being: Razor Cube, Bonegun, Cannongun, Crossbow, Screamer and Ectoplasmer. It is unknown why the HellBlade and EggBombs were scrapped, maybe to prevent their powerful attacks against hordes of enemies.

The level is poorly designed with low amount of amunition, letting the player to abuse the cannongun's primary mode, exagerated amounts of enemies and lack of strategic positioning of the enemies.

Monsters Edit

The level is mostly inhabited by weak and slow monsters:

  • Buffed Demon(Black, Templar)
  • Zombie Warrior(Rusty Sworded)
  • Psychonun(Normal, Upgraded)
  • Pirate(Yellow)
  • Evil Monk(Standard)
  • Devil Monk(Standard, Enhanced)
  • Overseer
  • Templar Knight(Standard, Gold)
  • Winged Demon(Bottle)

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first level wich contains over 1000 enemies.
  • This is the first level wich contains the Quad Powerup alongside with The Complex Of Towers.

Soundtrack Edit

Spikes Music:
C9L5 Spikes Ambient
Spikes Fight:
C9L5 Spikes Fight

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