Sprayers are enemies that appear in Riot. They appear in three variants.


Sprayer in Riot

Normal Sprayer in Riot.

The Normal variant is the weakest of the three. They are also the least dangerous, doing little damage when attacking, and standing in place while doing so. However, they can prove dangerous in packs, or when combined with other monsters.


Sprayer Flamer in Riot

Sprayer Flamer in Riot.

This variant does slightly more damage than standard sprayers, and also have a slightly larger range. However, they are just as easy to take out, given the fact that they stand in place while attacking.

With GunEdit

Sprayer Gun in Riot

Sprayer with Gun in Riot.

These are, arguably, the most dangerous variant of the Sprayers. They will take potshots at the player, being surprisingly accurate. However, they also stop when firing, and take a second to aim, allowing the player plenty of time to deal with them.

Trivia Edit

  • Sprayers and Cops will attack each other without provocation, and seem to prioritize it over fighting the player.


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