Stone Golems are friendly monsters that are found in the Shadowland level as they attack King Alastor.

About Edit

They are the only friendly monsters in the whole series. They are first seen as a pile of 6 big hedgestones which later those will stick together creating a giant stone golem. The giant stone golem is summoned by taking damage on the summoning ring which are ? in the whole level, every single one summoning a specific stone golem.

Once summoned, they will approach Alastor which then they will hit them with their arms making him weak and vulnerable to damage, also they will be destroyed as well when punching Alastor but they can later be summoned again by using the same method.

There is a chance that the stone golem will miss making him to destroy itself. Also, Alastor is able to notice the Stone Golem forcing him to leave Daniel and destroy the Stone Golem before he is getting punched by it.

Angkor Temple's Stone Golem Edit

It is a mini-boss encountered in the Painkiller Hell & Damnation : Heaven's above DLC level Angkor. It is twice the size of a Black Demon and it is made of collapsed stone and columns from the temple. It will throw rocks at you and swing its big arms at you, the only method of killing him is stunning him by hitting with projectiles and then hitting its weak spot being a small rock highlighted with a blue aura which can appear anywhere on its body. Once defeated he will make a battle cry, collapse then dismember itself.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Shadowland level, there can be summoned up to two stone golems at once, anyway they will both disassemble once one of them gets a hit on King Alastor.