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Level 3
Chapter 3
Monster count 218
Total gold 1126
Armor count 1
Holy item count 1
Ammo count 49
Object count 267
Secrets 1
Tarot card Iron Will
"Oh goodie, I love the movies, good thing I can travel through time or I might have missed Girls in Prison 4."
—Belial once he enters the Studios.

Studios is the third level of Painkiller Overdose chapter 3.

Description Edit

This level is set in rather big film studios. It cointains main lobby and several film plans with various scenography such as a cabin in the mountains, a graveyard or castle. All of the plans are connected with each other via corridors and storages. The last scenography consists of three previous levels: Cataclysm, Nuclear Plant and Field Ambulance which constantly changes after monsters related to it have been killed.

Monsters Edit

This level is inhabited by large amount of all kind of enemies encountered in previous levels as well as electricians and stage monsters. This level introduces three new monsters apart from old ones. They include:

Tarot card Edit

Tarot card of this level is Iron Will. To acquire it, player has to keep Health Points above 50.

Secret areas/pickups Edit

Secrets and holy items Edit

Soundtrack Edit

Studios Music:
C9L3 studios music
Studios Fight:
C9L3 studios fight

Environment SoundsEdit

Cross Effect:
Cross effect
Lab Ambient:
Lab ambient
Rain A:
Rain a (Studios)
Rain B:
Rain b (Studios)
Rain C:
Rain c (Studios)
Volcano Ambient:
Volcano ambient
War Ambient:
War ambient