Tank Ingame

Tanks as they appear in Military Base

are dangerous enemies that first appear in the Painkiller level Military Base. Slow and powerful, tanks can quickly kill the unprepared or reckless player.

They can only attack using their main gun, and move in straight lines, their thick armor meaning that they can take a beating before dying. Thus, these should be high on the priority list when encountered.

There are a few advantages the player has, however. First, the tanks move in straight lines and are relatively slow, meaning they can easily be maneuvered around. Second, Tanks take a few moments to line up their shot before firing, and this projectile can also be easily avoided, as it has a slow arc.

However, tanks are almost always supported by other monsters, usually Skeleton Soldiers.

They make further appearances in Painkiller: Battle out of Hell's level Leningrad, where they take on the form of Tiger and T-34-85 tanks, supported by German Soldiers and Russian Soldiers, respectively.

They also appear in Painkiller: Overdose's level Studios, where one is fought in the final arena, supported by Skeleton Soldiers.


  • The tanks that appear in Military Base appear to based on the M1 Abrams, which makes sense, given the setting of the level.


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