Templar Knight in Oriental Castle

Templar Knight in Palace.

Templar Knights are rather advanced enemies that appear exclusively in Chapter 4 first appearing in The Palace and later in Babel. They wear grey armors, hold large shield, and wear grey helmets that cover entire face and have visible blue eyes. They wield crossbows and can shoot flaming bolts. The biggest problem in overcoming this monster is its enormous shield. It can reflect all projectiles and at the same time making a monster nearly invulnerable to attack. In melee Templars use their shields as a weapons. They can be defeated by shooting them in back or in the heads when they are shooting from their crossbows. They are very vulnerable to electricity.

Templar Knight in Haunted Valley

Templar Knight in Haunted Valley.

They also appear in Haunted Valley in Painkiller: Overdose. They have received minor changes in appearance but they behave just like Templars from The Palace or Babel.

Heavy TemplarEdit

Templar Knight Boss in Oriental Castle

Heavy Templar Knight in Palace.

Heavy Templars are a mini-bosses encountered at the end of the Palace. They act like the Black Demon from the Cemetery, only a lot more powerful. They try to close in to punch you with their fists, but can also launch a fireball at you. They drop red souls on death instead of green, and it recovers 6 HP instead of 1.


  • They might be based off of knights in medieval times.
  • Due to their name, appearance, and weaponry, it is likely these knights participated in the Crusades. They have most likely been trapped in purgatory for their crimes during these campaigns.

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