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    Favourite monsters

    August 5, 2017 by RUNEPATRIARCH

    What are your favourite monsters in Painkiller series?

    My are:

    • Banshees
    • Evil Monks
    • Psychonuns
    • Devil Monks
    • Dark Ninjas
    • Evil Samurais
    • Witches
    • Skeleton Soldiers
    • Templar Knights
    • Evil Girls
    • Pinocchios
    • Flying Nun
    • Evil Boys
    • Bab Baby
    • Clowns
    • Corns
    • Masters
    • Geishas
    • Sprayers
    • Cops
    • Radioactive Operators
    • Viking Berserkers
    • Valkyries
    • Scarecrows
    • Hants
    • Tortured
    • Priests
    • Electricians
    • Fireworkers
    • Rocketeers
    • Chopper Women
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    Favourite levels

    June 24, 2017 by RUNEPATRIARCH

    What are your favourite levels in Painkiller series?

    My are:

    • Cemetery - I love the general atmosphere of this place (quiet and spooky) and the ambience music fits here perfectly.
    • Opera House - the interior of this building is amazing as well as the paintings on the walls.
    • Town - this level reminds me Strathome from World Of Warcraft.
    • Train Station - this level has a beautiful ambience music.
    • Abandoned Factory - I always liked the tall chimenys around the factory.
    • Castle - I like the winter in this level.
    • City on Water - I absolutely adore the sky in this level, as well as buildings an of course the ambience music.
    • Docks - I love the ambience in this level (so calming) and the overall design of this huge level.
    • Old Monastery - This level has beautifu…
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