What are your favourite levels in Painkiller series?

My are:

  • Cemetery - I love the general atmosphere of this place (quiet and spooky) and the ambience music fits here perfectly.
  • Opera House - the interior of this building is amazing as well as the paintings on the walls.
  • Town - this level reminds me Strathome from World Of Warcraft.
  • Train Station - this level has a beautiful ambience music.
  • Abandoned Factory - I always liked the tall chimenys around the factory.
  • Castle - I like the winter in this level.
  • City on Water - I absolutely adore the sky in this level, as well as buildings an of course the ambience music.
  • Docks - I love the ambience in this level (so calming) and the overall design of this huge level.
  • Old Monastery - This level has beautiful and calming ambience music. And the interior of the monastery is stunning as well.
  • Orphanage - This level is masterpiece for me. The atmosphere of fear, all-encompassing darkness and children screams... This level can give the creeps.
  • Loony Park - Colorful and hellish. I like it.
  • Japanese Massacre - I really like the Japanese culture and this level is bathed in rain, which I also like.
  • Nuclear Plant - I'm intreseted in radioactivity and nuclear physics, and that's why this level is perfect for me.
  • Ragnarok - I like this level due to the endless winter, and vikings as well.
  • Haunted Valley - This level has beautiful scenery, trees, plants and of course the ruins of the castle. I also adore the ambience music - it's ideal for this level of fairy tales.
  • Loony Park (Painkiller: Overdose) - Colorful and hellish. I like it.
  • Air Combat - I like this level mainly for it's ambience and the location, an air war between two fractions above the sea/ocean.
  • The Cathedrale - the interior of this place is really beautiful, especially stained glass.
  • High Seas
  • Magazines
  • Highway to Hell
  • Graveyard - this graveyard is so peaceful and I just love the general atmosphere in this place. And the ambience music is great.

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